Sat morning breakfast

Got up at 7am courtesy of little missy. She was hungry again. The night feeds went good. Not much spit up, unless it happened and we didn’t see it cuz it was dark. She was up at 2am, 5am then at 7. We tried the whole don’t change the baby’s diaper in the middle of the night…ya that doesn’t work so good. She saturated he diaper and was wet up to her ears. I’m glad it was only pee I woke up to tho.

She was snoring a bit which makes me shiver. I hate that mucousy sound. So I breast fed her in the bathroom with a hot shower on. First sauna ever. She kept looking at the shower curtain wondering what the hell that noise was. After I was empty we came downstairs to have a bottle and have some one on one skin on skin time. Zzzz went both of us.

Little feet came down the stairs shortly after I hit zzz land. It was time to make breaky. Found a fabulous recipe for banana vanilla pancakes with berry compote. I reckon they were awesome cuz Fallon ate 8 of them.



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