Bad day yesterday

Well…what can I say about yesterday? I lost my mojo. I had no motivation whatsoever. I pretty much sat on the couch for most of the day. Stasia wasn’t much help in that regard tho. She didn’t have a great day. She was up till about 2 and wasn’t happy about it. She couldn’t decide if she was hungry or not. She finally slept for about 2 hours and gave me a chance to eat. When she woke up I was able to capture some of her adorable faces.






I just love her. She finally decided to eat proper at 9. I opted to sleep rather than dream feed her. The night went well.

This am, she woke up just before 8. She was more talking to herself rather than crying. So we got up and hung out a bit before I fed her. I know I feel tons better. Got to brush my teeth before the day started. That makes my day! Had my coffee and a great breakfast. After Stasia went down. I’m letting it settle before heading out to the garage to work out. And waiting….for Stasia to wake up.

Perhaps I should get the measuring tape out…EEK. That way I don’t go to the scale to see if what I’m doing is working.

So I did as stated above and that wasn’t good for the self esteem either. Holy dyna. Oh well, it took some time to get here, it’ll take some time to get back.

Got my workout in…finally.


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