Grandpa came for a visit. Yay! So dad came down for a few days. He got in last night after sleeping in before he left. I’m glad that he did. I worry about him terribly. I wish he would slow down a bit and enjoy life. He’s been working a shut down for the last 2 months and still has a month to go. This would be ok if he didn’t work a ton of OT before hand. He has goals to pay off his house in parksville before he retires, or get as much paid off as he can. I understand his wants but he’s getting burnt out in the process. He’s finally admitted this to himself. I just hope that he will really take the time to smell the roses once he retires at the end of June.

So we went for lunch today at Fomosa’s. They have incredibly good pizza. However I paid for it royally. I’ve been good about not having any gluten for a week and a half until today. I didn’t think I was completely detoxed because I haven’t gone thru my usual detox symptoms. Was I mistaken! It’s like as soon as I finished my last bite, my stomach turned inside out. Silly me. No more gluten for a while. My tummy is supper bloated now too. I’m going to try and fix that with some sushi tonight….I hope. We will see if Stasia allows for that. I figure I should take advantage of a fellow sushi eater being here.

I’m hoping that its going to stop raining too. I’d really like to go sit in the hot tub tonight too. That is providing I can stay awake. Everyone is napping and I’m not. I haven’t been super successful in the napping department. For this I should work on it a little better.

That’s it for now….


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