It’s been a while…

Well well well. I’ve been slacking on visiting the blog. Sorry. I’ve been putting a lot of effort in getting my workout on and trying to keep the house clean. And of course playing with Stasia and watching her develop.

She is so adorable. I know I’m bias cuz I’m her mom but she’s now smiling and trying to talk. Her gurgles and coos make me melt. She has developed a liking for her thumb tho. She’d rather her thumb than the soother that I bought her.

She’s also sleeping thru the night now and has been doing so for weeks. It’s been so wonderful. She goes down between 8:30-9:30 and wakes up at 6ish. We feed her and then she goes to sleep till 9:30-10. This am, I thought she was awake so I went up to get her. She was wrestling around so much, she almost rolled over.

She has started to grab things and she’s trying to put things in her mouth. The drool! Oh the drool. Granted I think she is starting to teethe. I can see 2 outlines on the inside of her bottom gums. She’s been handling it well, but I can only imagine what’s to come.

Here are some updated photos of me and my progress in getting my pre pregnancy body back