WOD day 2



So day 2…

My diet has been pretty decent, despite a long night with Stasia. She didn’t want to sleep when I wanted to sleep. Thems the brakes tho.

I got to go out on my bike today. It was a nice ride. I ran out to work to deliver some forms so I can get my sub. Won’t get it till June some time. That’s ok, as long as I get it.

So my work out. I’m not sure what hurt more my lashings or my pride. So I asked Jeff for a WOD today and this is what he gave me:
40 DU’s
15 FS-tried 85lbs but dropped to 65lbs
40 DU’s
15 PP’s -65lbs
40 DU’s
20 ab mat sit ups
40 DU’s
20 KBS-1pood
40 DU’s

So my DU’s are on vacation at a far away destination. I use to be so good at them. I had a hard time stringing 5 together. In fact that was the largest string I had up until the last round. The I got 12. It’s so hard to believe my coordination has gone so far so quick. Then the FS….I did one rep at 85lb and had a hard time standing. I didn’t think I’d be good for 15, or should I say I knew. And sitting here, I’m glad I woosed out. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do the stairs tomorrow. I feel slightly pathetic.

I guess we’ll see what tomorrow holds. And hopefully tonight will be better than last night. My dear daughter seems to know when dad is gone to work, cuz she doesn’t like to sleep at night. In fact my WOD got interrupted just before the PP’s. I went back to finish tho. Then took a shower instead of cooking supper. I reckon I should have eaten cuz it’s 10pm and I’ve had breakfast bars and terra chip. Yum and so nutritious…not.

Until tomorrow



1st workout

So I’ve been given the green light to work out. I’ve been such a lazy ass since my 2nd trimester. So I decided to do a small workout last night.

5 rounds of
Row 250m
5 DL 105lbs

Took almost 11min. And I wanted to cry cuz it should have taken me 7:30ish. And the 105lb felt like 185lb. Oh well. Starting to climb the mountain…
Hopefully I get to the top before nationals.

I feel good today, so maybe I should have used more weight or tried a little harder.